Buffy Sainte-Marie a Multimedia Life

Broadcasters: APTN, Bravo!, SCN, Knowledge Network and FNX (PBS)

This inspiring biography chronicles the remarkable story of Aboriginal artist Buffy Sainte-Marie as she rises to prominence in New York’s Greenwich Village folk music scene and blazes a groundbreaking path as a talented songwriter, activist, educator and artist. An Academy Award winner, Buffy was also a regular on Sesame Street and an early pioneer in the use of computers to create art and connect people.

Director Joan Prowse (Beauty and the Beach) had unprecedented access and takes viewers on a journey to concert halls, Native reserves, and Buffy’s home in Hawaii, aptly mixing current footage and archival material including a 1964 concert appearance at the Newport Folk Festival, a compelling early TV interview with Pete Seeger, and the induction of Universal Soldier into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005.

Buffy Sainte-Marie: A Multimedia Life features interviews with Buffy’s friends and contemporaries including Joni Mitchell, Bill Cosby, Robbie Robertson (The Band), legendary blues musician Taj Mahal, and John Kay (Steppenwolf). These interviews, coupled with insights from her Saskatchewan relatives paint a personal portrait of an extraordinary person whose talent and passion illustrate what it takes to lead “a multimedia life.”

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