Every One Matters | Chaque personne compte

Client: Association of Ontario Health Centres. Available in English and French

CineFocus Canada began working with the Association of Ontario Health Centres, now the Alliance for Healthier Communities, back in 1991. Over the next three decades, we developed a unique understanding of community health and the social and economic factors that affect a person’s well-being. Factors that have little to do with hospitals and doctors, like access to housing and adequate employment and having a safe and clean environment to live.

In the video, we take viewers on a journey across Ontario to see Community Health Centres in action. What follows are stories of individuals, families, and entire communities whose health has improved because of their connection to the centre and how community members are shaping decisions and developing solutions to strengthen Ontario’s entire health care system.

The end goal is to amaze viewers at what they see and encourage them to join, or even create, a Community Health Centre where they live.