From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane

Clients: Canadian Film Centre, Royal Ontario Museum – Interactive Museum Kiosk and Documentary

CineFocus took its award-winning television documentary, Visions from the Wilderness: The Art of Paul Kane, and began an in depth three year development plan that saw the conventional documentary transformed into two distinct and innovative interactive projects. The first of these projects was the creation of an interactive, bilingual DVD experience. The interactive DVD allowed viewers to bypass the traditional linear experience of the documentary to dive deeper into the content using interactive tools.

The second interactive innovation was the interactive museum exhibit Paul Kane Interactive. The console installation in the Royal Ontario Museum’s First Peoples Gallery in the summer of 2008, replicates the interactive features of the From Field to Studio DVD. Navigated on a touch screen and displayed on 30” flat panel LCD screen, visitors to the ROM were able to investigate the historical context of Kane’s work and journey’s though interactive videos, images, and commentary. It is through reflective user testing that Paul Kane Interactive became an enjoyable and educational success.

In English and French language versions

Canadian institutional/educational sales contact McNabb & Connolly