Keep Warm in Winter Animations

Client: Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing (TCH) is taking on a conservation challenge of epic proportions to reach an estimated 164,000 tenants living in over 58,000 rental units across the city. As North America’s second largest housing provider this is no small feat. But the goal is a worthy one – to create a better place for TCH residents to live and a better planet for all.

As part of this initiative, CineFocus Canada worked with Toronto Community Housing’s Capital Engagement and Conservation Program (CECP) to create a series of on-line shareable videos aimed at reducing energy consumption (electricity, water, natural gas) and waste in residential buildings across the city.

The mission was to produce ten short videos with each one showing a particular conservation challenge and how to fix it. In order to ensure the videos reached the largest number of people living in TCH’s 2,200 high, mid, and low-rise apartments, town homes and houses, the videos included animated characters and tenant profiles to give tips of what can be done to reduce consumption with the end goal of creating a better place to live.

CineFocus Canada worked with a highly creative and motivated team of Senior Program Leaders (SPLs) who are TCH tenants or residents from the community assigned to each building. As each SPL is familiar with their community, they are able to tap into their local networks and provide advice on how to best engage local tenants.