Coming Soon: Python Huntress

Amy Siewe is a professional python hunter trying to halt the environmental damage Burmese pythons have caused in the Florida Everglades. An invasive species, there are anywhere from 100,000—300,000 pythons upsetting the natural balance of this area’s unique eco-system.

Since the 1970s, these beautiful snakes were imported as exotic pets from Southeast Asia and then routinely dumped when they became too much for their owners. In cold, North American climates these unwanted pets do not survive, but in the Everglades’ subtropical wetland climate, they thrive. The Everglades, two million acres of central and south Florida, is known for its extraordinary wildlife—now hugely threatened by invaders such as the pythons.

Burmese pythons have reduced the number of native possums, rabbits, raccoons and deer by 90% or more, and are creeping northward. Can Amy, often wrestling snakes bigger than she, restore some balance to the Glades?

Python Huntress was selected for the Green Pitch prize at Toronto’s 2022 Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival and is currently in development with funding from Ontario Creates’ feature film program. 

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For more information, please refer to our pitch document and one-sheet.