Stories of Choice | une Question de Choix

Client: Health Canada

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien launched the National Forum on Health to inform the public about health and health care and to suggest innovative ways to improve the system. As part of his cross-country consultation, CineFocus was contracted to produce a half-hour video designed to engage Canadians in a dialogue about some of the key issues from the perspectives of values and principles. Each of the five stories in the video provides a focus on questions and concerns about the costs, quality, access and future viability of the health system.

As one of these five stories, The Story of Turtle of Turtle Island tells a cautionary and allegorical tale about the dangers of excluding others from the circle of care. It’s approach to the subject and the use of stop-frame animation resulted in not only an effective discussion tool but also a nomination for best experimental film at the prestigious Yorkton Short Film and Video festival.