Transformative Change Awards

Client: Association of Ontario Health Centres and the Alliance for Healthier Communities

Each year, CineFocus Canada produces short video documentaries to celebrate winners of the Transformative Change Awards. Sponsored by the Association of Ontario Health Centres, now the Alliance for Healthier Communities, and shown at their annual convention, the awards are given to people and organizations whose innovative projects improve the health of communities because they addressing factors such as environment, income, education, and employment that can impact negatively on a person’s health.

The videos show ways a preventative, primary care approach can reduce chronic disease and trauma, thus lessening the pressure on Canada’s over-taxed hospital system. They are excellent examples of how a community-based, client-centred approach can address timely issues including the Opioid crisis and drug-related deaths, lack of access to healthy, local food for those on limited incomes, high levels of homelessness especially among indigenous people, and navigating the system for those with chronic health issues.